Creating an Engaged, Empowered, Self-led Team 

Bold Kindness: the Book

Cathy Thorpe challenges traditional business practices to lead with kindness while achieving extraordinary growth. If you want to change the way you lead and do business, this book is for you."

Cathy Thorpe has written a must-read for anyone who wants to evolve their leadership and scale their business…read this book and be inspired to reflect, grow, and develop your greatest business asset: your people."

Bold Kindness is an inspiration and a wonderful guide to mentoring and leading people in today's business. Easy to read with wonderful examples - we can all learn from what has worked at Nurse Next Door."

Cathy’s leadership philosophy breaks the mold, challenging the archaic notion that empathy and business acumen are mutually exclusive. With heartfelt wisdom, she reveals that creating a work culture rooted in kindness is far from just a nice-to-have—it’s a powerful engine for business health, employee fulfillment and enduring financial success. Cathy’s stories and insights make a convincing case that when kindness leads, prosperity follows.”

A Better Way to Do Business

In Bold Kindness: A Caring, More Compassionate Way to Lead, Nurse Next Door President & CEO Cathy Thorpe inspires leaders to radically change their people practices and organizational culture by leading with kindness. Her leadership and culture philosophy, Bold Kindness, is based on the principle that people perform best when they feel respected, valued and empowered.

Cathy’s learnings will challenge you to reflect on your own leadership and organization, reframe the traditional corporate mindset and accelerate your business by putting people first.