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Be Your Boldest, Most Authentic Self
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Bold Kindness: the Book

In her book, Bold Kindness: A Caring, More Compassionate Way to Lead, Cathy Thorpe inspires and challenges leaders to radically change their people practices and organizational culture by leading with kindness. Her leadership and culture philosophy, Bold Kindness, is based on the principle that people perform best when they feel respected, valued and empowered. Begin your Bold Kind journey now.

Far too many people are disengaged at work, with hierarchical management structures and ineffective leadership.

It's time for a new movement in business culture. It’s time for Bold Kindness.

A Bold Kind Movement 

“I truly believe we need a new way of looking at the way we lead our teams, and that it's time to challenge the norm of business and organizational culture. My hope is that Bold Kindness inspires meaningful conversations: a place to start getting curious and exploring possibilities for other ways of doing business and developing people.”

How to Care Podcast

Hear from Cathy about her radically empathetic and bold approach to leadership.

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